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Workforce TeleStaff

A scheduling solution for public safety by public safety.

The automated tools of UKG® Workforce TeleStaff™ allow you to prebuild schedules and rosters, track employee certifications, and qualifications. HRTM team of experienced first responders and TeleStaff™ experts are uniquely qualified to analyze and offer real, time tested solutions to all your staffing needs, regardless of various unions or regulations.


Realize the full potential of UKG® Workforce TeleStaff™ with HRTM's expert assistance in customization to meet your unique business requirements.  



Let our team of public safety industry experts help you optimize the way you use TeleStaff to best serve your employees and your business.

Whether you do the work, whether you look to HRTM to do the work or whether we work together, our goal is to help you get the most from your investment in your TeleStaff system.


Unleash valuable reporting information contained within your Workforce TeleStaff® and Workforce Dimensions® by utilizing HRTM to create custom reports using the BIRT reporting tool.


HRTM integration experts will automate the exchange of data between TeleStaff and your existing enterprise systems simplifying the way you share personnel, scheduling, roster,

payroll and attendance information.


Staff shortages and a tight labor market can hinder the efforts of many organizations to retain the specialized skill sets required to properly administer their application software. Let HRTM handle your TeleStaff administration so you can free up vital resources to focus on your agency’s operations and strategic initiatives.


Staff turnover often results in the loss of expertise in managing your TeleStaff environment. HRTM can help your team maintain the proper skill level. Whether training a new administrator or providing refresher training for existing staff. Our experts are ready to help.


Managing or growing your Oracle database can overwhelm the most experienced IT teams, leaving little time for provisioning, testing, and tuning new databases. HRTM’s Oracle’s DBA service can ease the demand on your department by providing experienced and trusted DBA resources to handle the critical tasks required to keep your operations running effectively and securely.


Challenged with invoicing vendors for your extra duty work assignments? HRTM’s EDA Plug-In integrates seamlessly with UKG™

Workforce TeleStaff™ to generate invoices easily freeing up administration resources and ensuring timely and accurate payments from vendors.

Data Exchange

TeleStaff Data Exchange

The Ultimate Web Service Application For Seamless Data Exchange Between HR Payroll Software And Workforce TeleStaff™.

Introducing HRTM’s Data Exchange, a 3rd party interface that is designed to transfer crucial employee data, including demographics and leave balances, from your HR system to TeleStaff with ease. Be confident that your employee data is always up-to-date and accurate in TeleStaff. Stop relying on manual data that may lead to discrepancies, HRTM’s Data Exchange automates the process for you, saving you valuable time and resources.


  • Fully Customizable Interface

  • Fully Automated Payroll

  • Built For Any Industry

  • Backfill Staffing, Enabling Trade Shifts


TeleStaff Backup System

Ensure critical data is never lost. With HRTM's TeleStaff™ Backup System, data is safe and usable for core TeleStaff™ Functions.

HRTM TeleStaff backup system can be used as an interim tool to minimize manual functions and a solution to extract backup TeleStaff data on a pay period cycle. Cloud hosted or on premise, this backup function can export accumulative data to a legacy TeleStaff system for up to date reconciliation. HRTM Telestaff experts bring data to your fingertips with Excel spreadsheets, compatible with many of the core TeleStaff functions. More than just static data, it can also create future rosters for regular schedules and extra duty/deployable units assignments.


  • Safe And Secure Cloud Hosted Or On Premise

  • Easy Solution For Pay Period Data Reconciliation And Schedules

  • Data Delivered Excel Spreadsheets

Work with HRTM to optimize the scheduling, communications, and deployment of public safety personnel.

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