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TeleStaff™ Application
Managed Services (TAMS)

We manage your system while you manage your people.

Staff shortages and a tight labor market can hinder the efforts of many organizations to retain the specialized skill sets required to properly administer their application software. Let HRTM handle your TeleStaff™ administration so you can free up vital resources to focus on your agency’s operations and strategic initiatives

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Manage Schedule Changes

Add New Ranks And Shifts

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 5.51.00 PM.png

Automatic Service Updates And

Application Contract Changes

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Personalized Service To

Increase Efficiencies And

Enhance User Experience

Let HRTM's TeleStaff™ experts manage your application, freeing up your resources to focus on critical public safety concerns.

HRTM TeleStaff™ Managed Services (TAMS) can play an important role in increasing operational efficiency, containing costs and freeing up vital internal resources. By partnering with HRTM to outsource your TeleStaff application management, you remain in control of your business while taking advantage of our experts to handle all of your application administration responsibilities -allowing you to focus on your agency's operations and strategic initiatives.


TAMS Features:

  • Manage Schedule Changes

  • Add New Ranks

  • Add New Shifts

  • Apply Application Service Updates

  • Manage UKG Support Tickets

  • Conduct Health Checks To Proactively Identify

  • Impacts To Improve System And Business Process

  • Effectiveness

TAMS Benefits:

  • Support Updates Due To Contract Changes

  • Assist With Auctions

  • Keep System Up-to-date With Latest Telestaff Service

  • Apply Updates To System For Staff Changes

  • Fill talent holes created by staff shortages and tight labor market for specialized skills

  • Help You Continue To Realize Value As Both Your

  • Business And User Needs Change And Technology Evolves

  • Update Rules To Support Business Or Contract Compliance Changes

Customized Experience:

  • Personalized Service And Support

  • Make Suggestions For Process And Operational Improvement

  • Assist In Issue Resolution

  • Best Practice Identification And Deployment

  • Provide Guidance In Getting Continuous Value For

  • Your Application Investment

  • Identify Ways To Enhance User Experience


Rely On HRTM’s Telestaff Experts As A Natural Extension Of Your Police, Fire, EMS Or Communications Agency.

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