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Public Safety

Simple Solutions for Complex Connections

As a certified UKG service partner, we work closely with our clients and UKG to provide the best solution for your complex scheduling and communication needs.  We'll form a close partnership with your team to meet your project goals on time and on budget.


Not just experts in UKG Software, we are industry professionals, too. Our team consists of active and former first responders who understand the requirements of law enforcement, fire rescue, and EMS agencies. Using our decades of front-line experience, we'll streamline your scheduling and communicattion processes, making your job safer and easier.

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Doctor's Appointment

HRTM understands that healthcare organizations face intense pressure to control overtime, meet regulations, and cut costs all while maintaining superior service and staff engagement. Empower your team with automated systems and make scheduling and work distribution self-sustaining to free up time that is better spent on quality of healthcare,

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College Campus

Substantial cost savings through workforce management solutions are utilized at all levels of education, from grade-schools to universities. HRTM works with each institution to determine the correct UKG solution to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve productivity. Your cost savings increases investments for student services and community programs.

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City Skyline

The largest portion of operating budgets is tied to workforce expenditures. UKG government workforce management solutions provide the means to serve the public efficiently, successfully, cost-effectively, and with accountability. HRTM successful UKG solutions help state and local governments return their attention to delivering quality services to their citizens.

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Cloud applications for workforce management and human capital management for YOUR industry.

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