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Workers with Masks
Workforce Central® 

Empower Teams With Data Driven Insight

Let HRTM's team of experts and experienced professionals assist to optimize productivity from your collected data and increase efficiency across your organization with actionable insights. Our Workforce Central management solutions help drive business outcomes by engaging your

employees, controlling labor costs, increasing productivity, and minimizing compliance risk.



...your application to take

your business to the next




HRTM_WFC_icons-04.png meet business

requirements with unique

workflows, dashboards and reporting



...your workforce

through better training

allowing for ease of use

and better efficiency



...the true potential of

your investment in UKG

Workforce Central


Keep realizing the investment in UKG™ Workforce Central® with HRTM's expert assistance in customization to meet your unique business requirements. 



Take advantage of the latest features from UKG by staying current with releases. We can assist with major upgrades or a simple install of service packs.


Retention of staff with the know-how to support your system can be a problem in today’s environment of staff shortages and a competitive job market. We can deliver focused driven training to bolster your team’s system knowledge or train new resources who are new to UKG support role.


Having accurate data to make key decisions is critical. HRTM can create custom reports to include custom configuration for your needs and beyond.


Since your initial implementation, the configuration of your WFC system may not have changed, but over time your requirements may have. Let our experts share their ideas on how to improve the use of your system based on your present day needs.


Unexpected staffing issues can put your organization at risk. Leverage HRTM’s experience and network of qualified candidates fill key HRIS Analyst, Payroll and Human Resources roles on a contract basis.


Automate the exchange of data between WFC and your existing third-party systems simplifying the way you share personnel, scheduling, payroll, and attendance information. HRTM can handle the most complex requirements to export and manipulate your sensitive data both reliabily and safely.


Whether you are implementing a major change or a minor system adjustment, HRTM’s expert WFC team can respond quickly to get it done.

Workforce Central® Suite of Products

Help manage your workforce — from the front line to the C-suite.
Click on the arrows below to access each Workforce Product Datasheet.

Workforce Timekeeper

Learn how UKG can help reduce payroll and labor errors by enforcing labor tracking and control.

Workforce Scheduler

Leverage powerful employee scheduling software from UKG to create schedules that align with your anticipated demand.

Workforce Absence Manager

Control the impact and associated costs of employee absence all while minimizing compliance risk and increasing productivity with UKG software.

Workforce HR

Reduce errors and enforce policies consistently with a single human resources software system from UKG that contains all employee records in one place.

Workforce Payroll

Integrate employee payroll processing and HR and timekeeping systems using Kronos to consistently apply policies, increase efficiency, and improve productivity.

Workforce Analytics

Apply rigorous and reliable business intelligence to manage your workforce and control labor costs with a fully automated workforce analysis system from Kronos.

Workforce Activities

Gain visibility into goals and benchmark performance with Kronos tools that provide critical insight into workforce efficiency, productivity, and compliance.

Workforce Mobile and Tablet

Access the power of your Kronos Workforce Central system to complete common administrative tasks on your mobile device or tablet when you want, where you want, on the go.

Data Collection

Get critical insight into your labor data with UKG data collection devices that include touch screen, biometric terminals, telephone time tracking, and more.

Product Suite
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