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Workforce Dimensions™

Easily track and manage employee time and attendance.

Using manual or disparate systems to manage employee time and attendance can make it difficult to manage labor expenses or gain visibility into costly trends and activities. Optimize your most valuable strategic advantage — your workforce — with an automated timekeeping solution by UKG™ that consistently tracks, manages, and controls employee time and attendance.

UKG Workforce Dimensions Hourly Timekeeping is built specifically for reducing payroll errors and costly overtime for hourly employees. It helps improve workforce productivity by reducing manual, time-consuming administrative tasks so your staff can focus on more value-added activities.


  • Ability to separate hourly and salaried timecards with personalized entry records

  • Real-time data views and reports for improved decision making

  • Built on the advanced cloud network to ensure speed and efficiency for scale

  • Automatic software updates


  • Easy to use intuitive features

  • Automatic recommendations for managers

  • Proactive compliance prompting to avoid costly overtime and missed punches with real-time alerts

  • Audit-ready using a single platform for time tracking and managing policies

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UKG Workforce Dimensions™ Hourly Timekeeping Datasheet

Online Workshop
Workforce TeleStaff and Workforce Dimensions Integration

The integration between Workforce TeleStaff™ and Workforce Dimensions™ takes advantage of what each does best to ensure proper scheduling, pay, and reporting.

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