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Get all the essentials to navigate the pandemic and minimize risk of employee infection, job disruption, compliance risks, and productivity loss.

COVID 19 Staffing and Hiring Augmentation

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has catapulted first responders and healthcare professionals into uncharted territory as we all try to minimize the spread and effects of the virus. Organizations are forced to adjust their normal hiring practices to accommodate increased workloads while navigating the reduction in manpower as a result of exposure.

Fire Hoses

HRTM’s team of experienced first responders and TeleStaff experts are uniquely qualified to guide your business into taking back control. 

COVID-19 has impacted every facet of the economy and workforce technology including employee engagement and productivity.

HRTM will be offering free 2-hour consultations to assist agencies in optimizing their TeleStaff environments to address:


Staffing Minimum Changes


Analytic data for Federal/FEMA reimbursement for additional services or to replace manpower 


Targeting and Reporting on Quarantined employees


Scheduling alternatives to better utilize manpower to support temporary workload changes

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10 Ways to Mitigate the Business Impact of COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 is forcing businesses around the world to rethink their approaches to workforce management, benefits, remote work, and more. If you’ve been wondering about a path forward for your business in this uncertain time, download this critical report from 451 Research, a leading information technology research and advisory company focusing on technology innovation and market disruption.

Employee Contact Tracing Tool Datasheet

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), when someone is infected with a communicable disease such as a virus, those around them are at higher risk of becoming infected themselves and of potentially transmitting the illness to others.* To minimize this risk, those who have had contact with an afflicted person need to be notified as quickly as possible so they can receive appropriate care and isolate themselves to reduce further spread.

The Coronavirus Impact: 20 Long-Lasting Changes We Expect

Find out how the Coronavirus is expected to impact everything from the economy and workforce technology, to employee engagement and productivity and how digital transformation can help your organization better prepare for those changes.

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