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Extra Duty Administration
for TeleStaff™ 

The TeleStaff™ Plug-in built to unlock
Extra Time, Extra Money, Extra Happy.

EDA Plug-In integrates with UKG™ Workforce TeleStaff™ to manage  extra duty invoicing with outside vendors using your current system.

Many Public Safety Agencies are challenged with the administration of their extra duty invoicing to outside vendors. Introducing EDA, HRTM's solution to extra duty invoice management. EDA works seamlessly with Kronos Workforce TeleStaff® to efficiently handle the creation and management of your extra duty service invoicing. 

Installation and setup is completed quickly and efficiently, so you can be on your way to eliminating manual and costly invoicing processes.

What an amazing plug-in [by HRTM]. This was something that we sorely needed and have seen immediate benefits to our time saving and bottom line.

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  • Cloud SAAS Solution

  • No Upfront Cost

  • 24/7 Access

  • Out of the box Workforce TeleStaff Integration

  • Robust Reporting

  • Quick and Easy Start-Up

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  • Reduce Payment Lag Time

  • Eliminate Financial Losses 

  • Gain Admin Resource Time

  • Improve Receivables Tracking

  • Built-In Security

  • Compliance Reporting

How it works
Save time and money with Extra Duty Invoicing module for UKG™ TeleStaff™

Enter Extra Duty Schedules into Kronos® TeleStaff™


Send Extra Duty Hours to  HRTM invoicing module


Create detailed invoice for all Extra Duty Events

How it works
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